VIDEO: Sealion Pup Takes A Nap In Man’s Lap

While we are at the Dallas Zoo this morning, we’ve had nothing but animals on the brain. One amazing video making the rounds of the internet that has us exclaiming “awww” is this video of a sealion pup crawling up into a man’s lap.

Two miles off the coast of Newport Beach, Calif., a family out on their sail boat came across a sealion pup swimming around their boat. As the video plays on, the sealion crawls up into their boat. Eventually, the sealion makes his way up on the bench and into the lap of the man taking the video.

Your heart will melt at the sight of this sealion pup snuggling and cuddling in the lap of this guy. Just like a puppy, this sealion nuzzles his way and falls asleep on the man’s lap!

This is so cute!


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