Things Our Dads Do That Drive Us Crazy

(Photo by Sean Gallup/Getty Images)

(Photo by Sean Gallup/Getty Images)

As Father’s Day draws near, we’re thinking more about our dads. Today in particular, we thought about the things that drive us crazy about our dads.

Tony’s dad is awesome, as we all agree from the stories Tony tells, but Tony says that his dad is regressing into a child again. It’s as if his actual age is reversed and he’s 61 going on 16. Case in point, he has the biggest sweet tooth. He will say he’s running to the store, but rather than bringing home smokes, he comes in with a bag full of candy. More than that, he’ll stuff Smarties wrappers in between the car seats of Tony’s car. Tony’s dad also loves to eat sugary cereals out of tupperware bowls, but he doesn’t eat them, he slurps.

John had to abstain from revealing what irks him about his dad as his dad lives in the area. He’s afraid that revealing too much will result in a phone call.

Julie has a laundry list of annoyances about her dad. He’s coming to visit this weekend, and one of the things about his visits that annoys Julie is that he’ll never say how long he’s staying. He could be here a week or a month. Julie’s husband made a joke about setting fish on the counter and the stink being an indicator of when it was time for Dad to head home. A saving grace is that Julie’s dad isn’t really a people person, so eventually someone will do something that will drain his patience enough to pack up and head home.

Once Julie got started, she couldn’t stop. She went on to share that she has to clean her dad’s house every time she goes to visit him. She and her sister swaps stories like war veterans about the horrors in his bathroom. Julie also says that everything out of her dad’s mouth ends with “and everything and all like that.”

Out of all the annoyances that were phoned into us, we picked our three favorites. From an elderly father constantly proving his ability to read road signs to the father who resorted to numbering his children, there’s some real doozies out there.


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