Naked Neighbor Reaches Out For Help In Embarrassing Ordeal

(Photo By Rod Rolle/Getty Images)

(Photo By Rod Rolle/Getty Images)

Tony knows some strange people. He recently got a call from a neighbor who needed some help but wouldn’t elaborate on the situation. When he got over to his neighbor’s house, he walked in to his friend with a towel around his waist. Tony didn’t think anything of it because the neighbor had just had a new pool built in his yard and was probably wearing wet swim trunks. Red flags started waving when the friend told Tony, “Don’t feel awkward,” before he turned around and lower the towel, revealing his naked bottom with patches of Gorilla Glue in places.

Of course, Tony completely wigged out.

As it turns out, the neighbor had been doing some work in the back yard. As it was getting hot outside, he stripped and hopped in the pool to cool off before he continued with his task of trying to install some lights, hanging them with Gorilla Glue. He accidentally got some on his hands, and without thinking, he wiped his hands on his backside and legs. And now, he was pleading to Tony to help him shave the glue out of his leg hair, to which Tony said something to the effect of heck no!

Of course, now we had to go around the room and share our naked stories.

John was floating the Guadalupe. He got tossed out of his tube in a section of rapids and tumbled for a bit. Every time he’d try to stand up, another tube would knock him over. Eventually he found his footing and popped up out of the water. That’s when he discovered that he’d become separated from his swim trunks which had continued down stream.

Julie had just started dating this guy. They had gone to an outdoor festival where Julie tripped and fell off a curb. She really did a doozie because she messed up her ankles and knees. The boyfriend took her back to her apartment, and she went into the bathroom to clean off all the blood that was everywhere. She ended up taking off her clothes and sitting on the toilet to try and clean up. The trouble came when she found she was too tired to get up off of the toilet, so she had to call for the boyfriend to help pick her up off the of the toilet… naked.


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