Times When Our Dads Have Embarrassed Us The Most

(Photo by Elsa/Getty Images)

(Photo by Elsa/Getty Images)

We’ve been dishing on our dads all week leading up to Father’s Day on Sunday. We’ve shared our dads’ 50 Shades of Cray-worthy shenanigans and have unloaded our laundry lists of dad annoyances. This morning, we’re throwing our dads under the bus for the times they have humiliated us in public.

Julie was young when she and her sister went to see Star Wars with their dad, and there wasn’t a theater showing Star Wars where there wasn’t a line you had to stand in for tickets. Julie’s dad ended up feeling sick and had to excuse himself from the line. He walked over the the nearest garbage can and began vomiting, violently, in to the trash. He try and stop for a bit, but end up getting some on his shoes before aiming for the trash again. He was sick in the garbage can for so long that Julie and her sister arrived at the ticket window with no money, still waiting for their dad to stop being sick so he could pay for the tickets. When they finally did get in the theater, Julie’s dad had a large clear soda and was wiping sick off of his shoes with napkins.

Tony’s dad was trying to embarrass Tony’s sister but ended up mortifying Tony even more with a prank he pulled when they were in elementary school. Tony’s sister had freaked out when their dad had pulled out some clothes, so Tony’s dad thought it would be hilarious to show up at their school wearing cowboy boots, dolphin shorts, and a tank top and yelling at them in a southern accent. Tony’s sister burst into tears and Tony ran right back into his classroom.

Of course, we got some really awesome stories this morning including one where a woman’s dad was left in the middle of the road wearing his tightie-whities.


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