Crazy Things Our Dads Told Us That We Believed

Many of us see our dads asĀ infallibleĀ fonts of knowledge and wisdom. In wonder, we ask our dads questions and receive an answer that that feeds our imaginations, but years later, we find out just how gullible we were to believe our dads’ wild and crazy stories.

This whole week, we’ve been celebrating Father’s Day by throwing our dads under the bus in something we like to call “Dump On Dad,” and this morning, we shared the wild yarns our dads have told us that we totally fell for.

When Julie was still very little, her family lived on a naval base that had lots of air traffic. She was still little enough to be carried around, and one night, her dad was holding her outside looking at the moon. “Oh look at the pretty moon, ” he said. About that time, a low-flying jet whooshed by with really loud engines, scaring Julie to death. Her dad said, “Oh, that was the moon! Wasn’t it?” Julie was scared that the moon roared at her. She would be scared the moon was going to get her anytime she’d see it.

Tony went to Catholic school as a kid and was given a statue of Mary, which stood in his bedroom. His dad told him that Mary sees everything. Tony totally believed him. So much so, that whenever Tony was doing something he wasn’t supposed to, he’d turn Mary to face the wall. He kept doing that until he left for college.

We got some great stories this morning from listeners. From dads who told their kids that coffee makes hair grow on your chest to the dad to joked about implanting a tracker in his kid’s foot.


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