Embarrassing Moments From Our School Days

(Photo by FREDERICK FLORIN/AFP/GettyImages)

(Photo by FREDERICK FLORIN/AFP/GettyImages)

It’s Throwback Thursday, and today we’re unpacking our most embarrassing moments from when we were in school. Our school days are always ripe with traumatizing tales of hallway humiliation, and boy did we have some doozies!

Tony will never forget this particular day in kindergarten. His classroom had a bathroom attached, and he really needed to go. While he was in the middle of business, the fire alarm went off. He could hear his classmates leaving. He started freaking out in the bathroom because he could hear his classmates and teacher leaving the room. Tony thought there was a real fire and he was going to die on the potty. His teacher finally came to the door to calm him down and tell him it was just a fire drill.

In elementary school, Julie had just gotten a tray of chili dogs in the cafeteria. She doesn’t remember how she tripped, but her tray hit the back of a girl. All of her food went down the back of this girl’s shirt. Of course, the silence in the cafeteria was deafening.

When John was in 8th grade, he was in a choir song-and-dance performance. One number had him at the end of a leap frog line. During rehearsals, he’d always end up about 3 feet from the edge of the stage, but he feared that he’d miss one time and go off the stage. As it happens, on the night of the performance, John cleared the first person but his foot caught on the shirt of the second person. He didn’t stick the landing and ended up tumbling right off the front of the stage.


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