Julie’s Review Room: Man Of Steel

Man Of Steel

“Man of Steel” stars Henry Cavill and Amy Adams in a retelling of the original Superman story.


Courtesy Warner Bros. Pictures

It appears that Hollywood has been struggling with writers block for a few years now. Just take a look at last year’s summer blockbusters and you’ll find primarily sequels or remakes like “The Avengers” or “The Amazing Spiderman,” which was another reboot no one was quite ready for. This year we have “Man of Steel” which is yet another version of the Superman story.


Courtesy Warner Bros. Pictures

This time around, we spend more time on Krypton than ever before and learn more about what caused its eventual destruction. The baby Kal El is once again sent to Earth by his parents and raised by a family in Kansas, but most of his youth is shown in flashbacks. Director Zack Snyder jumps back & forth between the past & present in an attempt to cram in as much information as possible, but something is lost in the process. First of all, you’re never really able to connect with Superman and the relationship between he & Lois Lane is never allowed to smolder.

Worst of all, there is virtually NO humor whatsoever.


Courtesy Warner Bros. Pictures

Henry Cavill is probably the prettiest Superman we’ve ever seen and I have to give Michael Shannon credit for maintaining that crazed General Zod intensity for the entire movie, but without humor & romance, this Superman feels hollow. The extremely long drawn out battle sequence is all your really left with but we KNOW Superman is going to win.


Courtesy Warner Bros. Pictures

I’m afraid I have to give “Man of Steel” a C+ because it falls short as an origin story and let’s be honest. These big scenes are pretty anticlimactic when we KNOW our hero’s going to survive!


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