Moments When We Got Busted By Dad

(Photo by Richard Heathcote/Getty Images)

(Photo by Richard Heathcote/Getty Images)

No matter what we’ve done, there is no punishment that will break you heart more than your father sitting you down and telling you that he’s disappointed. It’s the absolute worst. Wrapping up our week of “Dump On Dad,” this time we’re outing ourselves for the things we’ve done that disappointed our dads.

Julie’s parents divorced when she was younger, so every now and then, her dad would come for a visit and sleep on the couch. She went out with some friends one night her freshman year, came home, and went to bed. Not long after turning in for the night, there was a knock on her window. Outside was Robert Ward, the boy from across the street and the object of Julie’s 14-year-old dreams. They never dated, so she didn’t know why he was outside her window at midnight. She never got to find out because her dad burst out on to the front porch and chased the boy out of the yard. Julie’s dad then came into Julie’s room to tell her how disappointed her was in her as he thought she had arranged the┬árendezvous.

Like Julie, Tony’s parents divorced when he was young as well. He was living with his mom and got in an argument with her then-husband. Tony was so upset that he resolved to move out and go live with Grandma Annabelle. He packed a bag and hopped on the trolly to Chula Vista. The next day, his dad came to make him go home to his mom, but Tony refused. They began racing in circles around the house. After awhile, Tony got tired of running, so he grabbed the house phone on a pass and called 911. The cops showed up and were upset that Tony had called them because he was tired of running. They agreed with his dad that he needed to go home to his mom. Tony’s dad then pulled him aside and told him how he was disappointed.

John’s story trumps them all. His dad is a pastor, so he was always going to lunch with other pastors. One pastor had a gorgeous daughter that John took a liking to. Numbers were exchanged and they ended up “hooking up.” Word got out and got back to John’s dad, and he was livid. Remembering how angry John’s dad was still gives John goosebumps to this day. Hell hath no fury like a disappointed pastor dad.

We got some good stories from listeners this morning, and one of them could even give John’s tale a run for the money!


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