Julie’s Jabber: Calling B.S. on the “Fabulous Mom” Trend

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I’ve noticed a new, unsettling trend that I need to address. It’s the idea of “Fabulous Moms,” who have multiple kids and a career and still look fantastically well rested all the time. Lately, I can’t open a magazine without finding these women. Here’s Jessica Alba baking cookies in a stylish Stella McCartney gown or Sarah Jessica Parker strolling down an Italian street with her picture perfect children. Now that Kim Kardashian has had her baby, we’re sure hear how she’s making motherhood sexier than ever.

I’m calling B.S. on this trend, right here and now. As if motherhood wasn’t hard enough, now we have to be 100% fulfilled and effortlessly chic, too? Not to whine but IT’S NOT FAIR!

I remember those first months after having my daughter, sitting in the corner of her room and feeling like the walls were closing in on me. I’d look at my magazines with all of these gorgeous mothers and their happy children and wonder, “What am I doing wrong? Why is it so much easier for everyone else?”

Fortunately, at the exact same time about 10 other new mothers in my neighborhood were doing the same thing. One of these brilliant women brought us all together for “Play Dates” and I discovered the healing balm of OTHER WOMEN. That’s when I found out I wasn’t doing anything wrong. Parenting is just incredibly difficult and we’re all just shadow boxing our way through it.

And there’s nothing fabulous about it. I’ll never bake anything in a Stella McCartney gown and I’ll always look like I haven’t slept in 10 years because…well, I haven’t.

It might not be fabulous but it is kind of wonderful that we’ve taken on something so much larger than ourselves that we simply forget about US. I will go months without shaving my legs (seriously, touch them) and I buy most of my clothes now when I’m shopping for kid-stuff at Target.

Sexy and fabulous NO, but it’s the best I can do right now. That’s why I’m starting my own magazine. I’ll be the first cover model, wearing day-old make-up and gym clothes that will never see a gym. I think I’ll call my magazine “Lowering the Bar” because we need to relax those expectations ladies and for once,
that IS something I’m really good at.


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