Foods We Loved As Kids That We Can’t Stand As Adults

(Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

(Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

Remember Tang? That orange powder that you put in water to make the same drink the astronauts drank while they floated through space high above Earth. Apollo moonwalker Buzz Aldrin recently admitted that Tang wasn’t all that great anyways. In fact, TMZ reports that the famous astronaut said, “Tang sucks,” at the Spike TV “Guys Choice Awards.”

As kids, we all drank Tang and thought it was alright, but now that we’re adults, we’re prone to agree with Aldrin’s admission. This morning, we shared about all the awesome food, candy, and drinks we loved as kids that aren’t as great now that we’re adults.

Something Julie loved as a kid were Slim Jims. She loved snapping into Slim Jims and trying to squeeze out the juice locked in the processed meat. She also had an addiction to a North Carolina delicacy of miniature hot dogs in pickle juice. Now, they very thought of either is far from appetizing.

John’s favorite candy as a kid was Pop Rocks. The surprising feel of exploding candy in your mouth was thrilling as a kid. However, now Pop Rocks just don’t pop as much or taste as good as he remembers them.

Of course, food lover Tony has a list of favorite foods. Among his faves as a kid were vienna sausages, chicken nuggests, Little Debbie cakes, and Hostess’ pink sno ball cakes. Now that he’s grown, none of them taste the same and the knowledge of how chicken nuggets are truly made in gross.

There are tons more food items out there that everyone thought were awesome, but the appeal has more than worn off since. From Twinkies to Spaghetti O’s, check out what listeners chimed in with.


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