VIDEO: Sphinx Statue Caught Moving On Camera


After being silent and still in a display case at the Manchester Museum in England for 80 years, a 10-inch statue of the Egyptian god Osiris has begun moving on its own. If that isn’t creepy enough, Osiris is also known as the God of the Dead in Egyptian mythology.

According to The Sun, only a handful of staff have access to the glass case containing mini-Osiris and a couple of other Egyptian relics. One of the curators with access first noticed the statue was out of place. Not being superstitious, Dr. Campbell Price, 29, thought someone had turned the statue, but then the statue kept moving little by little while the other objects in the case stayed still.

Museum staff set up a camera to capture the statue “walking like an Egyptian” by snapping a photo every minute for a week. The astounded footage shows the statue turning a full 360 degrees when speed up.

Attempts to debunk the spinning sphinx attribute the movement to the vibrations caused by museum patrons wandering by, but staff says that the statue has never moved in the 80 years it’s been on display prior to its recent “awakening.”


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