Julie’s Review Room – ‘The Heat’

“The Heat” stars Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy, as agents who are forced to work together to find a drug lord.  It is directed by Paul Feig, who also directed “Bridesmaids.” Comedy darling Melissa McCarthy stars so the expectations for this one are pretty high. A sequel is already in production so the studio must be confident they have a hit on their hands.


The Heat

Bullock plays a straight-laced FBI Agent who is forced to work with McCarthy’s out-of-control-police-officer in what is essentially a Buddy-Cop comedy. The only real difference is that we have 2 women instead of Crockett & Tubbs. There are appearances by several comedians, like Taran Killam and Michael McDonald but the stage ultimately belongs to Melissa McCarthy. She can nail a punch line unlike anyone and watching her power through a Boston police station like an unhinged steamroller is awesome. Bullock is an excellent foil to McCarthy’s bedlam and it honestly seems like the two are having a blast together.


The Heat

My only real complaint is that “The Heat” unravels at the end. It’s like the writers assumed we’d be so in love with the movie, they didn’t need to produce a logical ending. Otherwise, I was giggling maniacally through this film and even happily stomped my feet a few times.


The Heat

It’s hard to be objective about “The Heat” though because it’s targeted directly to someone LIKE ME: An over-30 female who likes raunchy humor. It even stars 2 women I’m always rooting for, so OF COURSE I loved “The Heat” and I’m giving it a B+. If I gave it anything less, I might have to turn in my Chick Card!


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