Things We Do That We Won’t Admit To

(Photo by ROBERT VOS/AFP/Getty Images)

(Photo by ROBERT VOS/AFP/Getty Images)

We all have little quirks, habits, and things that we do that’d we’d never in a million years admit to doing. Buzzfeed recently published a funny list of 23 Things We All Do But None Of Us Will Ever Admit. The hilarious list reveals our true selves and hidden quirks that could lead to an embarrassment that is unrecoverable.

Here are a few of the things we all do but won’t fuss up.

  1. Telling someone that you have plans to avoid spending time with them when in fact you have no plans or your plans involve pajamas, a couch, a TV, and your Netflix queue.
  2. Using Facebook’s “View As…” feature to see what your profile looks like to other people, namely your crush.
  3. Polishing off an entire package of junk food in one sitting… BONUS: While watching a marathon of a show you’d never admit to watching.
  4. Ignoring a text message for days and then lying that you’re reply didn’t go through.
  5. Snooping through the bathroom of the person you’re visiting.
  6. Turning on Spotify’s private sessions so you can listen to you guilty pleasures.
  7. Accidentally sending your crush a picture and saying “It was meant for someone else.”
  8. Picking your nose.
  9. Lying during the game Never Have I Ever because you don’t want to be the only loser that hasn’t done something everyone else has.
  10. Being at home alone means you’re eating pizza out of the box and drinking wine out of the bottle.
  11. Sneaking a peak at someone’s Facebook when they leave it logged in or their iPhone when they leave it unlocked.
  12. Scheduling emails to send at a certain time so you don’t look like a psycho 5AM worker bee.
  13. Playing a song on repeat for day so you can memorize the lyrics and bust it out for friends.
  14. That awesome feeling when you realize no one else is home.
  15. Faking IT. (à la Meg Ryan in When Harry Met Sally)
  16. Intending to make cookies or a cake and failing because you got carried away eating the batter.
  17. Spending hours watching engagement videos on Youtube and needing tissues after each one.
  18. Pretending to text when you are really taking selfies.
  19. “Using the bathroom” while in the shower.
  20. Abandoning all rules of social propriety and grammar when you’re with your BFF.
  21. Lying about having read books when you really only read the Wikipedia entry.
  22. You will never confess to relating to any number of items on this list.

While that last one might be true for you, we totally kept a tally and admitted our score!

  • Tony: 16
  • John: 14
  • Julie: 12

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