What We Have Today That We Didn’t Have Before The Weekend

(Photo by Scott Barbour/Getty Images)

(Photo by Scott Barbour/Getty Images)

It’s time we revisited the question, “What do you have today that you didn’t have last week?” This past 4th of July weekend is ripe with stories to share today!

John now has a healthy fear of food that or at least what food does to your body that he didn’t have last week. He warns that you should never watch the food documentaries on Netflix if you enjoy eating. They will do nothing but turn your love into fear and completely gross you out.

Julie has rounds of antibiotics and steroid cream that she didn’t have last week, but it’s not for her. Her youngest daughter had a spot in her nose that looked rather like a harmless area of overzealous nose picking. After 24 hours, it looked like Freddie Kruger was crawling out of her nose! Hours after that, it was Chucky crawling from the other side! What’s bad is that you just can’t tell a kid not to pick their nose, so she’d try to wipe her nose on everyone else. She wasn’t in pain, but she was rather entertained that she was gross and could freak her family out.

What Tony didn’t reveal in his snake story earlier was that as he was trying to escape the snake that was chasing him, he slipped and fell. He now has a huge bruise on his backside that he didn’t have last week.


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