Damian Nordmann Is Back To Interpret Our Dreams

Brent Harris, Tony, Damian Nordmann, John, and Julie

Brent Harris, Tony, Damian Nordmann, John, and Julie

Damian Nordmann from the School of Metaphysics stopped by this morning to tell us what our dreams mean.

Julie has a recurring dream that comes a couple of times a week leading up to the anniversary of her mother’s passing on August 2nd. In her dreams, she is usually doing something wild and extreme that requires an intervention. In some dreams, she’s drinking heavily and surrounded by bottles, in others she’s dancing on strange men, others still she’s robbing people on the street. All of this, her husband and children are witness to.

Damien says that, in dreams, patterns of thinking come up. Julie’s dreams seem to show a pattern of extremism showing extreme emotions. People having these dreams should look at what is occuring unconsciously that is out of alignment with who they really are. Dreams are generally very simple and reflect what we think. Julie also mentioned that she felt out of control during her mom’s passing, and Damien says that this dream could be a reflection of that.

Tony mentioned in his dreams last time that he was surrounded by randomness except for vividly colored tropical birds. Now, his dreams remain random except that he is in an ocean riding an orca, commonly known as a killer whale. He’s obsessed with these whales and wonders what his favorite animal represents.

Damien says emotions in dreams show something. The fact that Tony dreamed about riding a favorite animal and enjoying it shows a positive attitude. Water is representative of your daily waking experience and the ocean shows the vastness. Whales are animals which represent habits. Tony riding the whale shows it is a habit that he is using for mobilty.

Damian also interpreted the dreams of some of our listeners. Have a listen!

Check out more about the School of Metaphysics at dreamschool.org.


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