Julie’s Review Room: Pacific Rim

Pacific Rim is the latest from Director Guillermo del Toro. It pits Godzilla-like aliens against man-powered robots of the same size.

A crack has formed in the bottom of the ocean which is allowing massive monsters from another world, called Kaiju’s to enter and run amok. Earth battles back by building gigantic Iron Man look-a-likes, called Jaegers which fight the aliens like some large-scale WWE show-down. The result is a Transformers, Godzilla and Independence Day cocktail. Throw in a dash of Blade Runner and some world class special effects and you essentially have “Pacific Rim.”

 “Pacific Rim,” a Warner Bros. Pictures release.

“Pacific Rim,” a Warner Bros. Pictures release.

Now, if you’re thinking to yourself “That sounds kind of awesome,” well you’d be right. You can’t have THAT many interesting elements and NOT end up with something watchable, but “Pacific Rim” transcends even that by giving us some truly likable characters. Sure, they’re your typical one-dimensional  blockbuster characters but del Toro infuses them with enough humanity to make you want to cheer them on. There’s not a single A list or even B list star in there, but it doesn’t matter when colossal battling robots and monsters take center stage.

pacificrim main poster Julies Review Room: Pacific Rim

Warner Bros. Pictures

Don’t get me wrong. There is some cringe worthy acting and “Pacific Rim” does get predictable and pretty heavy-handed. Honestly, I expected to HATE this movie which makes any decent film seem better than it is. I ended up LOVING “Pacific Rim” though and I’m giving it a B+. It might not be a GREAT movie but man, I had a great time watching it.


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