Gross Things Kids Do In Public

We all know kids say the darnedest things, but they also do some of the weirdest and grossest things we’ll ever see. Bonus, they usually do this in public.

Julie started us off with a story about her girls on an outing to Central Market. They love to eat all the samples every time they visit. At one point, Julie notices that Lucy has the tongs that she’s using to get a sample. Her fears were confirmed as she watched Lucy grab a piece of bread with the tongs and eat the bread straight off the tongs.

Her kids have done the same with toothpicks in cheese. They have grabbed one cheese with the toothpick and then used the same toothpick to get a second piece of cheese.

Tony has many tales to tell about his brothers and his nephew. When his brother Nick was still potty training, he was at a point where he could everything but one task. They were at a restaurant when Nick went off to the restroom. He’s certain the whole restaurant heard his brother Nick yell, “I’m done! Someone come wipe me!”

Tony’s nephew Julian is getting really good at identifying men and women. He also points out that the “equipment” that they have such as “hoo-hahs” and “gong gong.” Funnily enough, his father Nick used the same term in a song.

What do your kids do that is gross and embarrassing in public?


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