Kids Toys That Creep Us Out

(Photo by Beatrice Debut/AFP/Getty Images)

(Photo by Beatrice Debut/AFP/Getty Images)

Julie’s daughter has an American Girl doll named Mckenna. It’s a creepy doll. Now, Lucy is coming to her with odd stories about Mckenna that are just plain creepy.

Lucy used to sleep with Mckenna, but recently she asked Julie to put the doll on the far side of the room and turn it so it would face away from Lucy. Julie’s daughter said that sometimes the eyes would open at night! Lucy pointed out that Mckenna’s eyes have changed from the eyes the other dolls eyes appear in the catalog, which appear happy.

Lucy said, “Mckenna’s eyes don’t smile any more. They look mean, and sometimes they cloud over.”

Tony’s younger brother Nick had a Teddy Ruxpin that would play tapes and e ┬ásay, “Do you wanna play?” without tapes. One day, Tony touched the toy, but Teddy’s voice wasn’t the friendly high voice. It had changed to a deep gravly voice that sounded like a creepy stranger in a park. It creeped out Tony so bad that he ran to his dad. His dad was even creeped out by the voice. They changed the batteries to see if that would make a difference, to no avail. Tony’s dad tossed the creepy Teddy and went to buy a new one. Nick never knew about Teddy’s creepy change, but Tony had nightmares for a week.


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