Julie’s Review Room: The Wolverine


Hugh Jackman has a new movie out this weekend about the tortured mutant, “Wolverine.”

Logan, or as he is better know, Wolverine is by far my favorite X-Man. He’s despondent and anti-social but he has a funny streak and a bit of swagger. Hugh Jackman does a brilliant job personifying Logan, giving him depth along with that muscley frame, but filmmakers have struggled to build a franchise around him. The 2009 X-Men Origins movie about Wolverine made a ton of money but it opened to dismal reviews.

The Wolverine

This time Logan is sent to Japan at the request of a dying old friend. He stumbles across a coup in progress, loses most of his powers and falls in love along the way.

Yes, Wolverine stops pining over his deceased Jean long enough to pick up a new girlfriend in a completely unbelievable relationship. There is no chemistry between these actors so I never for a second believed in their love. This is just punctuated by dreams that Wolverine has about Jean, where you see actual chemistry. Sadly, this budding relationship becomes the center of the film as Wolverine tries to save her from one awful shoot-out to another.


We ARE introduced to a few interesting new mutants and there are some intense action sequences, but any excitement that bubbles up is quickly killed by this boring new relationship. Fans of the X-Men comic books will probably enjoy it but I have to give THIS Wolverine a C-. I didn’t think it was possible, but they even sucked all the fun out of a Hugh Jackman love scene!


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