Pool Rule Suggestions To Solve Annoying Pool Problems

(Photo by NORBERT MILLAUER/AFP/Getty Images)

(Photo by NORBERT MILLAUER/AFP/Getty Images)

We’ve all witness something at public pools that have freaked us out. Maybe we’re the ones freaking other people out. Either way, we need to come up with some new rules for the pool.

Julie would like to add the following rules:

  • Pool isn’t a bathtub. Julie was near the baby pool when she saw an infant barf down a man’s back. The man rinses the barf off in the baby pool, and Julie says that just shouldn’t happen. The pool is not for rinsing stuff off.
  • Wipe your nose often to prevent snot rockets. Julie isn’t sure this is a curable problem, but she’d rather not see snot dripping on faces fresh out of the water.

Tony wants to add these rules:

  • Look before you bend over. One thing Tony hates is when he’s sitting in a lounge chair poolside and someone bends over right next to him. No one wants to turn to see they are literally inches from OMG! Look around before you aim that booty.
  • No PDA. This goes mostly for randy teenagers and college students. The P in Pool doesn’t stand for PDA, so take it elsewhere. Kids and adults alike really don’t want to see other people making out poolside or pinned up to the side of the pool. Get a room.

John doesn’t have any rules, but he suggested making offenders of the PDA and Bending Over rules feel as awkward as possible by drawing attention to their behavior.


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