Sharing Stories Of Our First Days In College

(Photo by Mario Tama/Getty Images)

(Photo by Mario Tama/Getty Images)

As schools start back to classes and many bright-eyed, young student head off to college for the first time, we thought we’d share some of our college stories.

Julie’s babysitter has gone off to college at OU. She sent back a picture of an actual college grocery list. It read: trash can, snacks, drunk food, shrimp. That struck Julie as hilarious as she lived off beer, pizza, and fried chicken for the most part in college. The one time she tried to eat healthy, she bought some broccoli. It didn’t take long for the broccoli to start smelling like death. If you merely cracked her dorm fridge, you’d be hit with the most rancid smell. She finally gave up and threw the broccoli away on a different floor of the dorm.

Tony’s parents wouldn’t pay for his college. His options were get a job, join the military, or get a scholarship. He ended up with a full-ride scholarship to play baseball at Hill College in Hillsboro. Site unseen, Tony flew from San Diego into Love Field thinking he would see nothing but cowboys everywhere and have to ride a horse to the college. Landing at Love Field made him think that Dallas was just like every other city. Then he got in the car and drove, and drove, and drove all the way to Hillsboro.

One his scariest memories from college came when he was 21 and playing baseball at Tarleton. He was really into rap music and he heard one song reference a drink called Alizé. He ended up partying a little too hard and woke up with a bad hangover. He called his coach to say that he’d have to miss practice due to a “stomach bug.” The coach said rest up and come to practice tomorrow.

When he did show up for practice the next day, the coaches greeted him like normal, but then they made the team head out to a practice field with a single chair. The coach told the team that Tony had too much fun the previous night, “but fun doesn’t come in a bottle.” The coach made Tony sit in a chair and watch as the coach ran the team for an hour at full-sprints until someone puked, then he ran the team for puking. Tony tried to get up to run with his team, but the coach made him sit back down. The team was mad for a day or two, but they eventually forgave him. Tony was scared straight from that day forward.


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