Worst Teachers Ever

(Photo by FRANK PERRY/AFP/GettyImages)

(Photo by FRANK PERRY/AFP/GettyImages)

As the first day of school draws ever closer, we started thinking about our teachers. More specifically, the worst teachers we ever had.

Julie had two teachers growing up in North Carolina that she dreaded. The first was Mrs. DeFord, who had a smoking problem. Her habit was so bad that she was known to leave class a couple of times an hour to go smoke. When she’d leave, the boys in her class would take over and run around flashing everyone. Finally, someone told and the whole class got “The Talk.”

Julie also had Mrs. Cody in the 8th grade who missing part of her index finger. She apparently had lost half of her finger to a paper cutter. Mrs Cody would run the nub of her finger into your hair or dig it into your shoulder to make a point. Super creepy!

Tony had a couple of teachers as well that he didn’t like. Mrs. Bird was Tony’s high school English teacher. She had the worst breath ever, and she would get down into her students’ faces. She had Tic Tacs, but they couldn’t help her horrible halitosis.

Another teacher Tony had that was pretty weird was his 7th grade history teacher, Ms. Johnson. She would go off topic with Hippie Tip PSAs in the middle of a history lesson. A lesson on Columbus crossing the ocean would turn into a Hippie Tip PSA for peeing on jelly fish stings.

We had one last caller with a story that had us wondering if he had been a student of Mad-Eye Moody at Hogwarts.


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