Julie’s Review Room: “Getaway”


Poster Courtesy of Warner Bros.

“Getaway” stars Ethan Hawke as a former racecar driver whose wife is kidnapped by a mysterious man. He plays Brent Magna, who is sent to perform seemingly random tasks all over Bulgaria, in the hopes of saving his wife. She has been kidnapped by a man neither one of them knows, and whose motives are unclear for most of the film. Magna must perform these tasks in a custom built Shelby Mustang Super Snake which has been outfitted with interior cameras so the mysterious man can watch his every more. Along the way, Selena Gomez turns up as a computer savvy stranger who helps the driver perform his tasks.

If you’ve ever thought to yourself, “I wish I would watch a movie about car chases that wasn’t slowed down by a plot or useful dialogue,” then you have found your film. “Getaway” is essentially 90 minutes of screeching tires, crunching metal and little else. I understand that they totaled over 160 of these Shelbys while making the film, and I’m a little surprised no one died in the process.

Ethan Hawke does a passable job as the racecar driver, but Selena Gomez is horribly miscast. She is simply not believable as a computer-nerd-slash-gear-head, though it is fun to watch a Disney Channel Princess swear and flip the bird.

Near the end of the movie, there is one brief shining moment of greatness. It’s about a 2-minute long sustained shot of a car-chase with no edits, crashes or even CGI. I actually sat up in my seat thinking, “Wait a minute. Did this movie just get good?” Then those 2 minutes ended which is precisely why I’m giving “Getaway” a D. It might sound steep but without those 2 minutes it would have gotten an F.


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