Employees Leave Worst Boss Ever Note Before Quitting

Three members of the staff of a Journey’s store at a mall in Rochester, NY left an awesome note to their boss before closing the gate and walking off the job, according to Gawker. Niki, TJ, and Jess left the nice long note taped to the gate of the store for customers to see what a loser the district manager is to his underlings. The best part is that the mall issues a $500 fine per day of unannounced store closures.

All this got us to thinking about our worst bosses ever…

Julie worked at a jewelry kiosk in the middle of a mall. She had a line of customers when her boss showed up. As Julie was counting change, she lost count and gave a huff of frustration. Her boss thought that the huff was directed at her and proceeded to yell at Julie and fire her. Julie grabbed her purse and walked away. Justice was served when all the customers in line dropped their items and walked off as well.

John received a phone call from a man complaining that someone from the hospital was calling at 4AM in the morning and bothering his sleep and family. John took the phone call and transferred it in hopes of solving the problem. Two days later, John’s boss calls him in to ask why HE is calling this gentleman. When John tried to deny it, his boss wouldn’t believe him. John immediately went to HR to complain about his boss’ false accusations. Problem solved.

Tony worked at a retirement home while he was in high school. One particular lady was never satisfied and in her disgust, she tossed her scalding hot soup on Tony’s lap. Injured, Tony asked his boss if he could go home to change clothes. When she refused and ordered him back to the dining room, he left and went home anyways. The next day, his boss ordered him to go to the roof and clean up pigeon poop as punishment. It was really hot and really stinky up on the roof, and Tony noticed that the pigeon poop was near air vents. He called the health department which came and fined the facility. Tony’s boss was then fired by the regional manager for allowing health code violations. Karma.


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