Could You Live In 1986, Again?

Could you live without your cell phone, cable, your computer, your laptop, all the commodities lives presents now days, maybe even your favorite show? Well, a Canadian family is doing just that … they are living in 1986!

From fashion to cartoons, the McMillan family only uses those inventions that were around in 1986. Anything elseā€¦ it is off-limits.

Brian McMillan and his family have decided that at least for one year they will raise their children just as they grew up. No computers, no Facebook, Twitter, smartphones, etc. McMillan said the idea came to him one night when he and his girlfriend were in front of television each glued to their phone, not speaking to each other because they were so consumed with their phones, and they decided he did not want to raise his kids like that, he wanted them to have imagination, creativity, and have one-on-one talks with other human beings.

Could you do something like that? Let us know in the comments below.


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