Women Pay More For Certain Items And Services Than Men

It’s not cheap to be a lady. We would hope that there would be gender equality in today’s society, but that’s not the case. SavingAdvice.com recently published a list of products and services that women pay more for than men.

Many times the items or services are the same or comparable across genders, but women get the upcharge. Here are 10 things that women are being charged more for than men:

Dry Cleaning – It’s the same process, but women are charged more for that dress or blouse than men are for their suits and dress shirts.

Soaps and Shampoos – It’s essentially the same product save for the scent and packaging, but the ladies’ version often costs more than the men’s.

Deordorant – Again, it’s basically the same ingredients save for fragrance and packaging, but women’s deodorant often costs $1 more than the men’s version.

Shaving Cream – Granted, men and women don’t use shaving cream on the same areas of their bodies, but women often pay $2.49 for their shaving cream versus the $1.99 men pay for their shaving cream.

New Cars – We all hear about how car salesmen take advantage of women when car shopping. The salesmen assume that women are clueless in regards to cars, bargaining, and the retail values of the cars they are considering; so they tend not to be as flexible in comprimising as they would if a man were doing the car shopping.

Healthcare – It’s been in the news how women pay $1 billion dollars more in healthcare costs than men. Insurance companies claim that the higher premiums for women are because women often need more expensive procedures than men. Also, there are preventative procedures for men are covered by insurance but are not covered for women, thus forcing them to pay out of pocket.

Cosmetics – Not that guys need this, but looking at items that both genders use, women are still charged more for their version than men.

Loans – Women are generally charged 3.2% higher interest rates solely because they are female, not because based on their credit history.

Unisex clothing – A t-shirt or sweatshirt that is gender neutral could cost more if found in the women’s clothing department than in the men’s clothing department.

Car Repairs – Here is where the guys providing a service once again take advantage of women by assuming they know nothing about the inner workings of cars.


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