Julie’s Jabber: All Political Debates Should End With A “Yo Mama” Throw Down

John Moore/Getty Images

John Moore/Getty Images

My Facebook is ugly again. It was nice for a while but everyone got political and now it’s ugly again. No one is actually discussing any important World events. They’re just bashing the President or bashing the people who are bashing the President, or finding clever ways to bash the bashers who started the bashing.

It’s interesting to me that the same person who offers up prayers if I’m sick or sad will without thinking twice, post a comment damning me & other people who share my political beliefs.

“I like you and want the best for you, except when it comes to politics. Then you can suck it.”

I do not post my political beliefs on social media because they are personal and based on years of life experience. I don’t expect everyone to agree with them, but when did we decide that everyone WAS supposed to agree about politics? The back-and-forth and exchange of opinions is part of the process, right?

You can’t tell me that our Founding Fathers didn’t have some outrageous fights over differing opinions. It went WAY beyond “Yo Mama’s So Fat” throw downs or ugly slams on Twitter, too. If the fight got too heated, someone just might challenge you to a duel. Thank goodness that doesn’t happen anymore or they’d be sweeping up bodies in the Capitol like salon hair.

The people who founded this country never expected those who came after them to AGREE on everything. We HAVE to have an exchange of ideas, discussions and yes, even dissent if we’re ever supposed to move forward. The problem comes when we’re so busy stating and then restating our case that we no longer HEAR each other. Once the communication stops, we can no longer move forward.

We stagnate.

Sounds familiar, right?

Imagine for a second if all of us put them same amount of energy into LISTENING to other opinions that we put into stating our own.

It just might be a different world.

And if not, I say we give the “Yo Mama-Thons” a try. At least they’d be more fun to watch.


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