Damian Nordmann Tells Us What Our Dreams Are Telling Us

dream expert

We all have dreams, and sometimes we are baffled by what we dream about. Damian Nordmann from the School of Metaphysics is in studio with us to tell us what are dreams mean.

Julie has been dreaming about Tony and John, and it’s kinda freaking them out. In one dream, Julie was with John at a BBQ restaurant waiting for their ribs. John decides to get down on the floor and start building a tent for his kids. In another dream, Julie was Tony and a bunch of her girlfriends on a boat in Mexico having fun.

Damian says: It’s very common to have people we see everyday in our dreams. They represent qualities that we have within ourselves. Take a look at what the key quality of each person represents. Tony has a lot of fun, and John is really crafty. The key is to realize that you already have those qualities otherwise they wouldn’t show up in your dream.

Steve Kemble has been having dreams about mountains and snow. In his dream, he’s relaxing in a fabulous getaway place in the mountains, snow skiing, sitting in the lodge having a hot tottie.

Damian says: Having pleasant, relaxing dreams is indicative of your current state of mind.

The School of Metaphysics is hosting a Dream Interpretation Short Course at their Fort Worth campus on Monday, September 30th from 7PM to 9PM. The course will teach you to interpret your dreams for greater creativity, health, and fulfillment. The School of Metaphysics’ Fort Worth campus is located at 2839 Sandage Ave. You can find more information by calling 817-920-9180, emailing fortworth@som.org, or visiting dreamschool.org.


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