UFOs Spotted Hovering Around Smoking Ship

Mysterious lights were spotted hovering around a smoking ship off the coast of California. The lights stayed around the ship for some time before moving away in different directions.

Whether or not you believe in UFOs, the four lights in the video appear to hover before one-by-one moving off in different directions and disappearing. Huff Post turned one of their UFO experts for his analysis of the video.

Marc Dantonio, owner of FX Models, told Huff Post “Remarkably, this does look like something I have seen! To me, it looks like these are jets with afterburners on, heading away from the camera.”

The jets Dantonio is refering to are the new F-35 radar-evading military fighter jet. These jets apparently have the capability of hovering like a helicopter. Like many UFOs cover stories, the F-35 is undergoing military testing.


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