Research Team Claims To Have Proof Of Bigfoot’s Existence

Bigfoot, Sasquatch, Yeti, Skunk Ape. No matter what you call him, the legend of a giant, hairy, man-ape beast that lurks in wooded wildernesses is as well-known as that of the Loch Ness monster.

A North Texas organization known as the Sasquatch Genome Project held a news conference yesterday to reveal footage that showed hairy, human-like creatures walking through the woods.

According to CBSDFW , the Sasquatch Genome Project was formed by veterinarian Dr Melba Ketchum to collect and analyze data and evidence over the past 5 years. Ketchum revealed that the effort has cost $500,000 to complete.

The video footage showed yesterday gave from a similar effort called The Erickson Project. The footage is a part of a future documentary on the mythical man-ape.


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