Epic Public Meltdowns

(Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images)

(Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images)

Tony went out to buy a FitBit Flex bracelet to monitor his activity and sleeping. During his shopping excursion, he came across one of the most epic public meltdowns he’s ever seen.

Because the FitBit was in the electronics section and it was one of those things you have to pay for at the electronics desk, Tony got in line behind a woman who looked like she was close to having a nuclear meltdown right in the middle of the store. She looked back at Tony and asked him how he was doing. The woman had been standing at the desk for awhile glaring daggers at the one poor fella working the electronics department buy himself. She told Tony that she’d been waiting 15 minutes and claimed the guy was ignoring her. She called the front desk, but no one was coming to help.

The meltdown came when she shoved a stack of DVDs off the counter. That got the store employee’s attention. He came over, and she exclaimed, “Oh! Now you see me!” The guy appologized and explained he was in the middle of helping another customer. He called for back up to come check out the crazy lady and headed back to helping the customer.

From where Tony was standing, he could see another employee coming, but the crazy lady was already plotting her next move. She took her coffee, dropped it on the floor, and called for clean up. Just then, the manager arrived. Crazy lady let Tony go ahead of her because she “was going to be there awhile.” As he was leaving, he could hear her screeching.

After a story of such an epic meltdown, we had to share other public meltdowns that we’ve had or witnessed.

Julie has actually been in the middle of a couple of public metldowns. Once, she made the mistake of blabbing to her dad that her sister was saving up to buy a diamond and pearl ring. Their dad was paying for her sister’s college and got upset that he was spending money on her tuition when she had her own money. Her sister let it go, but she exploded on Julie in the middle of Pizza Hut one night. It was so bad that the employees all gathered on the other side of the restaurant to watch Julie’s sister. It got so bad at one point that Julie’s sister was standing up and leaning over the table at Julie.


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