Jerry Jones’ Flip Phone & Other Outdated Objects

(Photo by Koichi Kamoshida/Getty Images)

(Photo by Koichi Kamoshida/Getty Images)

You are the billionaire owner of an NFL team, a ginormous stadium with one of the biggest video boards in the world, and your name is Jerry Jones. You’d think that Jerry would have one of the most expensive and state-of-the-art smart phones that money could buy.

Nope. In fact, Jerry Jones was busted at Sunday’s Cowboy game chatting on the oldest of old school flip phones, according to Fox Sports. Can he even take pictures on that thing?

Jerry’s flip phone got us talking about the old school technology that we have yet to let go of:

  • Julie still uses note pads. Her husband tell her that she can put all of this information in her phone.
  • Tony has lots of old school stuff.
    • He still uses one of those bound day-planner notebooks.
    • He also still has one of the original palm pilots that is so old, it’s before they made them in color.
    • In his house, he has Grandma Annabel’s rotary phone.
  • John still uses an iPod when he goes to the gym. Yes, the iPhone can hold all the music too, but it’s so much easier to sync his music to the iPod.



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