What We Did As Kids When We Were Sick

(Photo by Carsten/Three Lions/Getty Images)

(Photo by Carsten/Three Lions/Getty Images)

Julie’s youngest daughter, Lucy, has been home sick from school with strep for the past 4 days. Tony’s sister Angela isn’t feeling well either. Seems like ’tis the season for sniffles.

After a trip to the doctor on Tuesday, Julie’s daughter Lucy wrapped up in her fuzzy blanket, enjoyed a bowl of chicken soup, and then popped in The Sound Of Music as her kitty came up to snuggle. Julie marveled that must be sort of Sick Kid Heaven, and it made us think about what we did or still do to cope with being home sick.

As adults, it’s a different ballgame being sick. We try to power through sniffles, fevers, and stomach cramps to make sure we don’t miss work. We all know that if we do miss a day, we’ll return to a stack of projects, reports, and at least 400 emails. Honestly, we won’t lay down until we feel for certain that we are near death and can’t possibly move an inch.

When Julie was sick as kid, she’d get her hamster out of its cage, and go lay down on couch. If she pet the pet hamster long enough, it would fall asleep on her chest. She’d just lay there with hamster on chest while curled up in her pink fuzzy blanket watching The Price Is Right.

To this day, Tony can’t sit still even when he’s sick. Being a student in a Catholic school and an altar boy, there would be sick days when he’d set up an altar on his air hockey table. He’d sit there with his Bible and tell  his parents, “I’m one with the Lord.” Then he’d have Communion with Ritz crackers as the Host and grape juice in lieu of wine. If he was at Grandma Annabel’s house, he’d pay hardware store as his grandparents owned hardware stores around town. He’d have people line up so he could ring them up. To this day, if he’s sick, he’ll pull out his bucket of Legos and build stuff.

When John gets sick, he likes to watch scary movies. Granted, h won’t watch them any other time except when he’s sick. It’s most likely the convenience of having the blanket to pull over his head during the spooky parts. He doesn’t care how sick he is either. He’ll run his “flu-butt” down to Red Box to get a scary movie.


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