Dallas Teacher Fired For Posing In Playboy

(Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images for Relativity Media)

(Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images for Relativity Media)

The controversy has been brewing over a teacher who posed nude for Playboy before her employment. According to the Dallas Observer, it seems as if Cristy Nicole Deweese was indeed terminated from her job for teaching Spanish at a DISD school.

This morning, we took on this hot button topic over whether or not it was fair that she was let go for something that happened prior to her teaching job.

Julie would have an issue with this teacher educating her daughters. While this falls under a very grey area that is neither black nor white, she doesn’t want to say one way or another. As a concerned mother, she would be uncomfortable with this woman teaching her daughters as it would seem that she doesn’t grasp how different and separate the world of Playboy is from the world of teaching children.

Tony says that what Deweese did was perfectly legal, and it was prior to being hired as a teacher. His biggest issue lies with the DISD. If they had been doing their due diligence in screening potential employees, this should have come up. It makes Tony wonder how many other teachers are employed by schools who have posed naked. In a day and age where employers are screening social media and Google in addition to criminal history, something like this would have been caught and she would have never been hired. Tony feels like DISD dropped the ball and is wrong for firing her. She wasn’t harming the kids.


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