Julie’s Review Room: “Carrie” & “Pacific Rim”



In honor of the approaching holiday, we’re focusing on 2 SCARY movies this week.

NEW in theaters we have “Carrie,” which is a remake of the well-known 1976 film and also based on the Stephen King book. You kind of know what you’re getting into with this one. Most of us are familiar with the story and know exactly how “Carrie” ends, even if the moments leading up to it are sketchy. Julianne Moore takes over as the crazy Mom & Chloe Grace Moretz now plays Carrie. Both actresses threaten to overdo it at times, but they certainly live up to their predecessors. There’s also a soapy “Mean Girls” quality to this “Carrie” that gives it a nice update. It doesn’t offer anything new, though. They could’ve tweaked the story or special effects to take “Carrie” to a new level but they didn’t. In fact, they even omitted one of my FAVORITE scenes from the first movie. Fans of the original and especially younger folks who aren’t familiar with the story will enjoy it though so I’m giving this updated version of “Carrie” a B-.

New on DVD this week we have one of my favorite summer films “Pacific Rim.” It’s from Director Guillermo del Toro & it’s essentially an old-school monster-movie. It stars Charlie Hunnam, who made huge headlines recently for backing out of the “50 Shades of Gray” movie, but the real stars of this film are the giant aliens and the robots that fight them. “Pacific Rim” is like a Transformers, Godzilla and Independence Day cocktail. It’s big, loud, remarkably cheesy and incredible fun. I was shocked by how much I enjoyed this one & gave it a B+ when it came out. Just check your brain at the door if you rent “Pacific Rim” and pretend you’re 12-years-old again, watching a scary monster movie on a Saturday night.


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