Ryan Reynolds Flies Shirtless After Passenger Pukes On Him

(Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images)

(Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images)

There are different levels of Heaven. The first level is being on a flight to New Orleans with Ryan Reynolds. The second level is sitting in a row adjacent to Ryan Reynolds. The third level of Heaven is Ryan Reynolds spending most of the flight shirtless because a lady puked on his sweater, as recently reported in Pop Crush.

However, the lady who puked on Ryan Reynolds probably feels like she’s in the 4th circle of Hades.¬†We can totally sympathize. We shared about the times we spewed in public.

Julie once witnessed a oyster chugging contest with her radio station boss. Of course, there comes a point where the oysters reverse direction and there’s no place to go but off stage and the whole crowd cheers. All the sick on stage made Julie sick as well. She needed to find a place to puke, so she walked off and her boss made the mistake of following her. She ended up being sick all over his shoes.

When Tony was 11, he was forced to ride a ride with his cousin Cindy and her husband. His cousin’s husband told him to man up and ride the spinning ride. Tony ends up sitting with his cousin and her husband sits in the row behind them. Not long into the spinning ride, the chili that Tony had eaten before comes up. His cousin’s husband instantly regretted pressuring Tony to ride the spinning ride.

John got into one of those milk chugging contests in high school. Everyone pooled their lunch money to get enough milk cartons. When John hit his limit, he took off running for the restroom. Of course, you’re not allowed to run in the halls at school, and the PE teacher caught John by the arm to stop him from running. John turned and let loose the milk he had chugged.


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