Dream Expert Damian Nordmann Talks About Nightmares

dream expert

Just in time for Halloween, we are exploring the darker side of our dreams this morning with our dream expert, Damian Nordmann from the School of Metaphysics.

When Julie was 6-years-old, she had a scary dream that she was standing and looking out of her front door with her mom. They could see into the backyard of the house across the street, and up on a hill in the backyard was a man digging in the ground. She turned to ask her mom who it was, but her mom wouldn’t answer. The scary part came when the digger turned and started floating towards Julie.

Damian says: Nightmares always contain an element of fear. As kids, we absorb a lot of information and stimuli. Damian asked what was going on in Julie’s life at the time, and she revealed that this dream occurred the same year that her parents divorced. Seeing our mother in our dreams is representative of our inner authority or superconscious mind. The mother’s silence in Julie’s dream means that connection was still being built. Not knowing who the digging man was is the fearful part of the dream as what we don’t know produces the most fear.

Tony would have nightmares as a kid that he was being scolded or in trouble for something. He’d run away from the disciplining parent and run through a door. When he’d open the door, he’d be running through a foggy forest. The tree roots would move around, and the dream would end when he tripped over a root.

Damian says: The reason Tony doesn’t have this dream anymore is because he grew out of this consciousness. The fog in the forest is preventing him from seeing what’s around. The trees represent planted thoughts. Running shows a desire for forward motion, which is hindered because he tripped and fell.


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