Scary Moments When We Thought We Saw Something



Halloween isn’t all candy and costumes. It’s the time of year when we think about our fears and the scary things that freak us out. Haunted houses and things that go bump in the night spike our fears and get the adrenaline pumping. This morning, we shared some of the scary moments when we thought we’d just experienced something freaky.

As a teenager in Georgia, Julie would spend her Friday nights down by the Chattahoochee River with friends. One night, this bright spot light illuminated the the sky and was flying rapidly towards her and her friends. It turned and disappeared from sight. No one was sure if it was a helicopter or a UFO.

John was in New Orleans checking in to a hotel. Out of the corner of his eye, he saw a man walk around the corner and get on to the only elevator in the building. John ran to catch up and get on the elevator too, but when he got to the elevator, there was no one there.

When Tony was a teenager, he was making a run to the convenience store on a rare rainy night in San Diego. There were cigarette butts all over the parking lot, so he was puddling jumping and stomping on the butts. He heard a guy yell, “HEY!”at him. When Tony turned, he saw a scraggly homeless guy picking up cigarette butts. The guy told Tony not to mess with the butts because he collected them. When Tony got inside, he asked the clerks if that guy was alway there. They didn’t see anyone, but they told Tony that a homeless man had been hit by a car and died on a rainy night out in front of the convenience store. He was picking up cigarette butts.


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