Woman Finds Deadly Spiders Hiding On Her Store-Bought Banana

It’s the stuff of nightmares. You’re getting ready to enjoy a nice yellow banana when you notice a white spot on the peel. It’s not mold; it’s something worse: a sac of tiny baby spiders. Even worse, the sac burst open and the little spiders went everywhere!

This really happened to a family in Britain. Consi Taylor of Hampton called pest control when a cocoon of baby spiders hatched on her banana and began scurrying across the table and carpet. The 29-year-old mother and her family fled their house when they found out just what kind of spiders hitched a ride on their bananas.

According to Huff Post, the spiders were found to be Brazilian wandering spiders, thought to be the deadliest spiders in the world! They are commonly known as banana spiders as they are often found in banana trees. Just 0.006mg of the spider’s venom can kill a mouse.


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