The History Of The Selfie

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Julie & Kory’s “Lunch Selfie”

I’ll admit it, I am an over-Tweeter. I am an over Facebooker, and I am very much an over selfie…er. I guess we all have a slight vain streak, but mine is on overdrive this year. I have (so far) lost 31 LBS and am down two shirt/pant sizes. I am feeling the most confident I have ever felt, so forgive my selfies.

Tony & John of the Zazza & Julie show on 103.7 KVIL were picking on Julie for not only taking me to lunch at Sissy’s Southern Kitchen (amazing BTW!) yesterday, but for taking a ‘selfie’ with me! The shame! The scandal! The infidelity! C’mon boys, there is enough selfie love to go around!

I was trying to find a fun way to respond to the 5+ minutes the morning show dedicated to selfies, and I found out that selfies have a long and storied history…no seriously! So, I present you with my intellectual revenge against Tony Zazza…Huffington Post’s The History Of Selfies!

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