Celebrate National Men Make Dinner Day And Give Ladies A Night Off From Cooking

(Photo by Élodie Raitière/AFP/GettyImages)

(Photo by Élodie Raitière/AFP/GettyImages)

Ladies, you get a night off from the kitchen, whether your man knows it or not. Today is National Men Make Dinner Day, and for one night, it’s the guys in the slaving over a hot stove to put dinner on the table.

Guys get to show off his culinary skills and how much he loves his family by taking this one night to make dinner, and according to MenMakeDinnerDay.com, there are a few rules:

  1. National Men Make Dinner Day shall be celebrated on the First Thursday of every November.
  2. The Man will agree to participate. Bonus points to the guys who agree without asking for anything in return, like poker night with the boys.
  3. The Man will select a recipe from a cookbook, magazine, or the internet. He’ll get bonus points if he finds something that isn’t already in her stash of recipes.
  4. The main dish should include 4 ingredients and require the use of at least one cooking utensil that isn’t a fork.
  5. The Man will go shopping for all the required ingredients. He should take stock of the cupboards and fridge first to make sure ingredients aren’t already in the house.
  6. The Man will organize the ingredients in order of necessity according to the recipe. He is not allowed to seek help via phone call to Mom or shouting “Honey?”
  7. The Man is allowed to listen to music, but he agrees to not be within 30 feet of a TV during the cooking process. Spouse and family should stay away from the kitchen… unless the smoke detector goes off!
  8. The Man will follow the recipe carefully as he begins the cooking process.
  9. The Man will use the “Clean As You Go” rule. He will put away or wash any utensils, cookware, or ingredients once he is done with them.
  10. The Man will set the table with utensils, plates, napkins, beverages already poured, and candles lit. Not allowed on the table: ketchup bottles, sour cream, big boxes of salt.
  11. Dinner is served. Make sure to take a picture. The Man is allowed only 3 bragging rights during the meal. The family dog is not allowed to be secreted any of The Man’s cooking.
  12. Finally, The Man will clear the table, wash the dishes, and wipe down the counters. He will also rejoin the family for post-dinner conversation to receive the family’s praise on a job well done. The Man will receive hugs from family and a kiss from the wife before being released to the TV.

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