Our Crazy And Weird Superstitions

(Photo by VIKTOR DRACHEV/AFP/Getty Images)

(Photo by VIKTOR DRACHEV/AFP/Getty Images)

A high school cross-country runner recently backed out of a competition due to being assigned the number “666.” Huff Post reports that Codie Thacker had been training for months for the competition but cited religious reasons for backing out when the┬áKentucky High School Athletic Association denied a request for her assigned number to be changed.

This brought up the discussion of the weird and quirky superstitions we all have.

Julie has to literally knock on wood anytime someone utters the phrase “knock on wood.”

She also has to stop to watch her garage door go all the down and say, “The garage door is closed,” whenever she’s leaving the house. If she doesn’t, there is a point on her street where she’ll stop, turn around, and go back to check and see if the door is shut.

John has a quirky sports superstition. If the team he is watching is losing, he’ll go change his clothes. He’ll change his hat, jersey, pants, and socks in the name of saving the game. If he’s at a sporting event, he’ll go turn his shirt inside out.

Tony has a long list of superstitions:

  • For one, whenever he’s putting gas in his car, he will make sure the price stops at 25-cent increments. If he misses and gets 52 cents, he’ll jiggle the handle until it hits 75 cents.
  • Tony hates the number 13. He won’t use that check out lane at the store. He recently added nachos to a Taco Bell order when the total came out to $13.
  • When he parks in his driveway, he won’t walk around the front of his car. He’ll stop himself halfway in front of the hood and walk behind to get to the driver-side door.

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