Julie’s Review Room: ‘Thor: The Dark World”

New in theaters this week, we have the latest from the Asgardian Avenger in, “Thor: The Dark World.” Chris Hemsworth once again plays the hammer-throwing god Thor as he defends the universe from another bad guy who is wielding yet another ultimate weapon. The backstory on this new villain is pretty vague. They had Anthony Hopkins’ Odin tell the story twice and I still didn’t GET it, but you don’t watch these movies for cohesion. You watch them to see Thor throw the hammer down and throw barbs with his evil brother Loki, who runs away with this movie. Tom Hiddleston’s Loki can’t be IN a scene without stealing it. There are 3 things that make him great. First of all, Hiddleston really is an excellent actor. He’s also gorgeous AND he’s having so much FUN playing Loki that you actually start rooting for him. Another actor you should watch for is Jaimie Alexander as Lady Sif. She’s from Grapevine and is just about blow up. In fact, Jaimie is currently in talks to star in the next “Wonder Woman” movie, so keep an eye on her.

I’m gushing about this new Thor but I do have some complaints. There’s very little fan-fare when Thor and his beloved Jane Foster, played by Natalie Portman are reunited. We had to wait years for this to happen so it should have been built up more than THAT. It’s also a little too coincidental that SHE ends up in possession of this new deadly weapon. But who am I kidding? I LOVED “Thor: The Dark World.” Any gripes I had were wiped clean by the adorably evil Loki so I’m giving this one a B+.

And here’s some advice: Do not leave when the movie is over. Just because credits are rolling doesn’t mean you’re done. In fact, there are 2 extra scenes in the credits this time so you’ll have to sit all the way through them before running off to the bathroom.


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