Annoying Things Our Coworkers Do

One of the hazards of working the morning shift is the startling discoveries in the office refrigerator. This morning is no exception. There was an open letter taped to the front of the freezer door to the person who forgot about their Diet Dr Pepper over the weekend. It exploded, and the frozen mess left for the culprit to clean up. Check out the gallery of the fridge note and the mess inside!

The note reads:

Like this from last weekend, then exploded in freezer.
Whoever did it should clean it up…”

Here is a picture of the disgusting freezer!

Oh the horror!

Oh the horror!

We all have little quirks about the things our coworkers do that drive us nuts. After the discovery in the freezer this morning, we had to share ours!

Tony and Julie used to work with a guy who didn’t rank hygiene as a top priority. This guy worked the overnight shift and was gone by the time Tony and Julie got to work. Every morning, Tony would wonder why his headphones were so greasy. Then one morning, he couldn’t find his headphones. The grimy dude left Tony a note that he had borrowed the headphones. Gross! Now Tony locks up his headphones or takes them with him everywhere.

Every workplace has that oneĀ office back-rubber, and that person better not touch Julie. She gets creeped out by not just the back-rubbing but the awkward leaning in as well. One place that she worked had a back rub party for the whole office. As if the touching wasn’t awkward enough, people were making noises that did not sound office appropriate.

John has a gripe that is currently on going. Everyone has their little area in the studio, and John’s domain lies on the backside of the control board. In his area, he keeps a pen, a highlighter, and a sharpie for his own use. Every week, they disappear.


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