Activities We Signed Up For As Kids And Totally Failed

(Photo by David Sherman/NBAE via Getty Images)

(Photo by David Sherman/NBAE via Getty Images)

Julie recently signed her daughter Lucy up for basketball. This will be her 6-year-old’s first year playing, and this made us all think of the activities we did as kids that we totally sucked at.

When Julie was in 2nd grade, she started gymnastics. She wanted to be an Olympic gymnastics star. The reality was that she is the least graceful person ever. She couldn’t somersault or do the vault; she’d just crawl across. One time, she was trying to do a “forward walk-over thing” but slipped and fell. When she fell, her knees came up and bruised her sternum.

John got kicked out of soccer when he was 7-years-old. His dad told him that he could use his body to block kids from getting the ball, so he’d run down the field and hip-check kids along the way. Parents started complaining, so the commissioner said that John could only play goalie. John’s dad told him that once he caught the ball, he could put it down and run with it; as long as he wasn’t touching the ball, he was good. John did just that. He caught the ball, put it down, and run along hip-checking kids. One got hurt, and John got kicked out of soccer. He went on to football and baseball and did really well.

Tony comes from generations of talented musicians, so when he was 6, he asked for guitar for Christmas as he wanted to take lessons. Of course, he learned quickly how miserable he was as a musician. He can’t carry a tune or play any instruments. He was so horrible that he only lasted 2 lessons. At least he was really good at baseball. He’s pretty sure his guitar ended up getting sold in the next garage sale.


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