Julie’s Jabbers: An Open Letter To The Last Listener Who Will Ever Hurt My Feelings

 (Photo by Allison Joyce/Getty Images)

(Photo by Allison Joyce/Getty Images)

Someone wrote an awful comment about me on the Zazza & Julie Facebook page today. They said that they love Tony Zazza but don’t like me because I’m nasty and I say terrible things. Wait, THAT’S not why I’m upset. People are constantly taking their love of Tony & hatred of me to Facebook and Twitter.

I’m not mad about the “nasty” comment either because I know I lack a filter. In fact, my exact words after reading her comment were, “I mean, I AM nasty and I DO say horrible things, but most of them are OFF the air.” It was her follow-up comment that really upset me.

This woman, whom I’ll simply refer to as Angry Facebooker, implied that I was also a bad mother and if my children were lucky they were turn out nothing like me. I don’t remember exactly what she said because Tony saw how upset I was and deleted it immediately. (See, he really is a much nicer person than I am.) The damage was done though and I’ve been sucking on her comments like a bitter cough drop for the rest of the day.

I think I’m bothered by Angry Facebooker’s comments because they are partly true. I say the things that are on my mind and it’s not always pretty. My question though, is why do we NEED another polite non-offensive woman? The world is FILLED with them!

If you want to see a polite woman, turn on the TV & watch the news for a minute. You’ll find a TON of well-dressed, non-offensive women. The funny thing is that some of my girlfriends work in TV News and I know they can talk trash with the best of them. They don’t because they are on TV but I am on the radio where men and women are expected to speak their minds. I’m simply doing my job.

Does that also make me a bad parent? I don’t know but I will say that I relish the day I’ll be able to speak to my girls as adults. I imagine sitting with my grown daughters, enjoying a glass of wine and talking some of the most remarkable trash ever known to mankind and I can’t WAIT. The world doesn’t need another moral compass, but it certainly needs more women (and men) who will speak up and say the things that might not be popular. The world needs more women who are speaking their minds and if my daughters grow up to do that, I will consider my work well done.

And believe me Angry Facebooker, when I’m enjoying that glass of wine with my grown daughters we will be talking about you and yes, it will get nasty.


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