The Most Unprofessional Things We’ve Done While On The Job

(Photo by Oli Scarff/Getty Images)

(Photo by Oli Scarff/Getty Images)

We spend a majority of our lives at work. Chances are, we’ve all had those moments where reason leaves us and we do something ridiculous on the job. This morning we shared some of our most unprofessional moments we’ve had while at work.

Tony used to work in a retirement home. As he was serving dinner to the residents, he handed soup to a crotchety woman named Mrs. Wolf. She was the meanest old lady ever. She always wanted the soup but she always hated it. One night, she hated her soup so much that she threw the scalding soup on Tony’s lap. He ran away in pain. Later that night, Mrs. Wolf came to the kitchen asking for non-fat skim milk. Seeking revenge, Tony gave her buttermilk. She walked away, and Tony and his friends all laughed. She came back and started calling Tony all sorts of names before throwing the glass of milk at Tony.

Julie has a couple of stories. The first was when she started working in radio, she had the overnight shift. It’s really hard to be professional at 2AM in the morning. Her friends would come up on Friday nights and bring fried chicken. They’ve have fried chicken parties. It was the worst radio known to man, but it was good times.

Julie also worked in the call center for a health club. She’d call people to tell them they’d won two weeks to stay at a resort and set up appointments for them to sit through a sales pitch. After a while, she’d get bored and start prank calling people. It was easy to do in the days before caller I.D. Sometimes she’d call pretending to look for people, or she’d call the same number over and over again.

John had a job working in the front office of a lotion company right out of high school. The building had a staircase and right in front of the staircase was a handicapped parking spot. There was one guy, not handicapped, who would always park in that spot. John finally got fed up of telling the dude he couldn’t park there, so one day, John took a bottle of lotion out to the guy’s car. He put the bottle on the ground and jumped on it, causing lotion to splatter on the side of the man’s car. He got called into the manager’s office. Ironically, this was the same week that John and kicked a radio in celebration of a World Series win.

You shared some of your unprofessional moments with us! Check them out!


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