The Strangest Field Trips We Took As Kids

Julie’s daughter went on a field trip to Enterprise City yesterday, and all the kids were given jobs to do. Confounded by this weird field trip, we thought about the random field trips we took as kids.

Tony was excited to be in public school for the first time in 6th grade. One of the field trip his class went on was to a camp site. He felt really uncomfortable sitting around a campfire singing a weird campfire song. He actually went up to his teacher and expressed his discomfort with the song being sung. He claimed it was a bit cultish. He still remembers the song because it freaked him so much. They even had to go on a nature hike and the guide wouldn’t let him go to the bathroom.

Julie grew up in North Carolina, and one of her field trips was to¬†Carolina Biological. This was the place where anything you had to dissect in biology class came from. They even provided cadavers to medical students. Her class was old enough to appreciate this fact, so they were pretty disappointed that they didn’t see anything dead during the entire tour of the facility.

On the other hand, Julie also went on a field trip to a sausage factory where they saw dead pigs hanging from the ceiling. All the students were like, “Holy! These are dead pigs!!” At the end of the tour, they gave the students ham sandwiches to eat.

John once went on a field trip to Inner Space Caverns out near Austin. It was creepy to a 3rd grader because of the lights going on and off. As the lights went off behind the class, all the kids would scream for fear of the nothingness of the black abyss behind them. It was an awesome field trip; it just scared John as a 3rd grader.


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