Weird Things That Affect HOW MUCH You Eat…

Weird Things Affecting How Much You Eat

(Photo Stephen Lovekin/Getty Images)

…And I’ve already done most of them today.  Have you?

  • WHERE you eat is a big thing.  Researchers gave people stale and fresh popcorn in a movie theater and found that everyone ate the same amount of both, stale or fresh.  I’m thinking this also explains why all of my Peanut M&Ms are gone after the previews…  FAIL.
  • WHAT your FRIENDS are ORDERING.  Well, duh.  But now it’s a little more official.  Other researchers found that peer pressure is alive and well at the dinner table.  For me, it’s not that I’m trying to fit in as much as I’m using other people’s bad food choices as an excuse to make bad choices for myself.  I’m using them, not mimicking them.  FAIL.
  • SIZE and SHAPE of your WINE GLASS.  I love big wine glasses because I feel classy and sophisticated drinking wine from them.  I’m not giving them up, ever.  FAIL.
  • LIGHTING and MUSIC can influence you to eat more.  More researchers found that harsh lighting and loud music had people eating more.  Natural lighting and softer music not only helped people eat less but they enjoyed what they were eating more.  This study says nothing about eating steak in front of the television which is what matters to me most.  FAIL.
  • WHAT is VISIBLE on your FRIDGE or PANTRY SHELVES.  Well, I can’t win for losing here.  I’m not the most organized in my kitchen.  I’m a chef, I don’t HAVE to be organized.  I’m also making impulse buys and placing them wherever I have room which is usually where I left my last impulse buys.  My impulse buys are usually some sort of chocolates or other sweets.  Clearly I’m caught in a vicious cycle.  Sigh.  FAIL.

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