Rent-A-Boyfriend Business Might Stop Nagging Parents

(Photo by FRED DUFOUR/AFP/GettyImages)

(Photo by FRED DUFOUR/AFP/GettyImages)

Behold the pitfalls of the single life. The holiday season is a veritable minefield of parental nagging and family inquiries about your non-existent love life. A business in China has found a solution to help single women who need a man to take home and meet the parents.

In China, many parents worry their daughters will become “leftover women” if they aren’t married by their late 20s, according to the New York Daily News. Hoping to avoid the pressure and anxiety, women are turning to online to help find a temporary fix.

Hundreds of rent-a-boyfriends and rent-a-girlfriends are offering their services on Taobao, which is the Chinese version of eBay or Amazon. Their prices range from $82 to over $1,000 a day, and many offer additional pricing for activities such as shopping trips, holding hands, a kiss on the cheek, etc.┬áThe fake couple will often exchange pictures and meet up beforehand to get their story straight on how they met and details of their “relationship.”

With Thanksgiving coming up, this might not be too bad of an idea. It will at least stop your mom from inviting that one person “you just have to meet.”


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